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Click on the Product Image to see all Package details! provides reliable and lightning fast Web Hosting Solutions for any purpose. Whether professional website operation, file hosting, script installation or file transfer services; our Webhosting Solution combines individualism with state-of-the-art-technology.


Get involved with robust hosting resources for your Internet project, any existing service package as a storage upgrade or simply as a stand-alone webspace. Webhosting will bring your Websites, Files, Presentations and Communication online with state-of-the-art hosting technology. With a powerful hosting network we ensure highest security and accessibility world wide. Our server locations are Germany, America, Canada and France.


The service packages are ideally designed to upgrade any existing website complete package or as a hosting storage for your files and individual websites.



Possible Utilization Purpose


Best Benefits Always

          •  Backup Space / FTP Backups

          •  Upgrade Space for Existing Packages

          •  Website Hosting Storage

          •  Website Package Complete Upgrade

          •  File Hosting Storage

          •  Script Operation

          •  Software Installation


          •  fixed cost on monthly basis

          •  no additional costs

          •  best service availability world wide

          •  fastest server technology

          •  no server overload or overselling

          •  24/7 system monitoring

          •  upgrade possibility at anytime



We offer DNS Routing Update and Account Setup for your existing domains for FREE, if registered with us.


The Hosting Packages work with every existing account of our network; e.g. Website Complete Package

*All unlimited features are subject to the Fair-Use Policy; all featured resources can be upgraded at anytime by online purchase, on customer service request or with special promotions; Hosting of sexual content is not allowed without prior provider approval. Using our Webservers for Spam, Illegal Contents, Harassment or any illegal activities will result in service deactivation and further legal investigation; Email Service, MySQL Databases and access to other service features are not inclusive within the Webhosting Packages and can be ordered separately.


The Service will start with your service subscription, the domain registration and webhosting setup. To confirm the subscription and to initiate the service the invoice must be fully settled; for the according contract period in advance. Every package can be re-newed after the first contract period under consideration of the product specifications mentioned above. For renewing a package the customer will receive an information before service expiration. The Setup Fee is a one-time service fee for the roll-out and configuration and is not applicable for renewed packages.





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All prices quoted are final prices and include EU VAT depending on customer location within the EU. For customers based in Germany we do not charge the German sales tax, and consequently do not account it according to the 19 UStG (German small-business regulation). The products and services described on this website do not represent a legally binding offer until full acceptance by us. For digital goods delivery follow through the Internet. Web Hosting, Domains and Web Design are subject to the respective conditions additional to the Terms of Service.


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